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This is important. 

Let me start by admitting this – I searched the internet and beyond for a blog post or SOMETHING that could summarize my thoughts and feelings on this situation. I searched topics such as “Cyberbullying”, “How to React to Social Media Critisicm”, and even “When People are Mean on Facebook.” I came across nothing that hit home for me; the thoughts running through my mind a mile a minute, the way I’ve been feeling (for 6 years now), the anger I’ve had to work through. Nothing and nobody put this into words. So I figured I’d take a swing at it. *DISCLAIMER* I am not a writer and have never claimed that title. This is pure thoughts being typed out as they bubble over — grammar mistakes and all.

Here we are, in 2016, with the most incredible/horrible gift to mankind — Facebook. It’s a gift, I…

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